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Mom of 4, teacher (M.Ed) and organizer. I’m a pro at living in small spaces and do a pretty good job of keeping them uncluttered and functional. I love to inspire others to declutter, organize and simplify their lives.

I’ve lived in many different small spaces throughout most of my adult life. During my university days, it was just my stuff and I in a TINY and TIDY dorm room and for many years after that, I continued to live small as I got married and my family grew. It wasn't until my husband Kiran and I had our 4th child that we decided to move out of our TINY and TIDY condo and now live in a cozy house in Toronto.

I hope to inspire and motivate you to declutter, simplify and organize your home, one TINY and TIDY step at a time!


Kiran and I love city living and that’s why we both couldn’t wait to move out of our parents' suburban homes and live in tiny units in big cities. I was in Toronto and he was in Montreal. He eventually ended up moving to Toronto and when we got married, we were happy to live in his 710 square foot condo, as long as we were in the city. Organizing has always come naturally to me, so it wasn't difficult for me to figure out how to make this space organized and functional for both of us.


When Isha was born we bought our first house, but it wasn’t your typical house. It was a triplex and we decided to make it work in a one-bedroom unit and rent out the other units. We were willing to give up space, as long as we could keep living in the city. Once again, I used my organization skills to make this small unit comfortable for the three of us. Just before Isha’s first birthday, we felt like we needed another bedroom for her. Not more square footage, just another bedroom. That’s when we moved to a 2 bedroom, 850 sq ft condo. A couple of years later Kian was born and we thought that we’d have to move into a larger space, but luckily, Kiran was browsing on Netflix one day and came across a documentary that changed everything!


The documentary was called ‘Minimalism’ and if you haven’t watched it yet, you have to make the time for it. After watching that doc, we did a huge purge and finally came to the realization that we didn’t need more space, we just needed less stuff! So when Josh was born we didn’t jump to the conclusion that we had to move to a bigger space. Instead, we reorganized our two bedroom condo and made it functional for a family of five.

This worked perfectly for our family until we got the surprising news that I was pregnant again! That was when Kiran and I decided that it was time to renovate and move into our cozy house in Toronto.

When I’m not cleaning or organizing, I’m usually teaching. I’m an elementary school teacher and I've taught a variety of subjects, including French. That’s why I greeted you with “bonjour.” I’ve been teaching since 2006 and earned a Master of Education degree because I love learning and also enjoy helping others learn.

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