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3 Furniture Pieces that Weren't Ideal for My Small Space

I've been living in a small space for almost two decades now, so I've learned which furniture pieces work well in a small space and which ones aren't the greatest. Whenever I chose furniture I did try to choose pieces that were space-saving or had some kind of storage element, but it still didn't always work out as planned. Today I wanted to share which pieces weren't the best so that you don't make the same mistakes I did.

1. Folding table

This table could work in some small spaces, but it's not ideal for all small spaces. This table is from Ikea and it's great because it doesn't have a large footprint, yet when it's open, it provides a large tabletop. There are also small drawers that provide extra storage. The problem with this table is that it's very heavy, so you can't move it around. When you live in a small space, it's nice to have furniture that can easily be moved. So what we ended up doing was we put the table on casters so that we could roll it around. The issue with this was that it made the table higher off the ground, so when we now sit at the table, it's not at a comfortable height. The other mistake we made was that we didn't add casters with locks, so the table also moves around too much when we use it as a dining table. We still use it for the extra drawer storage space and it's nice to have when we need more counter space. I just had a different vision for this piece.

However, if you won't need to move it around, then I highly recommend it. This table is very sturdy and durable. It's extremely practical and space-saving! This is the latest version currently available at Ikea:

2. Pull up storage bed  

We no longer have this bed, but at one point we did have a pull-up storage bed. I wouldn't recommend getting one of these beds because they're fairly heavy to open. Also, it isn't very convenient to always open up the bed. Instead, I'd recommend getting a bed with drawers. It's so much easier to open drawers. It's also smaller compartments, making it easier to keep things organized. 

3. Crib on wheels

When buying our crib we paid a bit of a premium because of how it folds, it's smaller than your average crib and it's on wheels. At the time there weren't any other models like this one, so it was pricey for a crib. Now there are other similar models, so you can get other ones for a lot less. I like that this crib is smaller than average because that was the only way it would fit in our small den. The features that I don't think are necessary are the way it folds and the wheels. It's very unlikely that you will be folding or rolling a crib around your home, so there's no point in paying for these features. Most likely your crib will be remaining in one spot.

In this video I shared all about furniture pieces that work in a small space, so check it out if you want to know which pieces I'd recommend.

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