How Mydoh has simplified my life!

What’s Mydoh?

Our family loves using Mydoh! It’s a money management app, with a reloadable Smart Cash Card for kids and teens. It’s a quick and easy way for parents to give their kids an allowance. Mydoh is great because parents have complete oversight of earnings and how their kids spend their money.

How we use it

Isha and I came up with a list of tasks that she needs to complete every day. Then before bed, we can easily check off the ones she’s completed. Every Saturday is pay day and the money automatically gets transferred into her Mydoh account and Smart Cash Card.

If there’s something that we’d like her to work on or if there’s a savings goal that she wants to achieve, it can be easily added in the Mydoh app. It’s simple to delete any tasks that no longer apply as well. For example, it use to be Isha’s job to put away all of the hats, mitts and scarves when we were taking ski lessons. Once the lessons ended, I was able to delete this chore.

Why Mydoh is great for kids and teens

We’ve been using the Mydoh app for almost a year now, and Isha has learned that earning money takes hard work. She’s also been learning how to save up for something she really wants, and feels really proud when she can use her hard-earned money to meet that goal. Speaking of goals, the Mydoh Goals feature helps her track her progress towards earning enough money for something she truly wants.

Ever since we started using Mydoh, I find that Isha is more motivated to do her chores and help around the house. She’s so proud that she has her very own Smart Cash Card and gets so excited when she has saved up enough money to buy what she wants.

Using the Mydoh app can help kids and teens develop work ethic, responsibility and learn about finances.

Why Mydoh is great for parents

I love Mydoh because it’s become so easy to keep track of her progress. Mydoh helps keep us both accountable as the app takes care of paying Isha’s allowance each Saturday (that’s one less thing for me to worry about ;) ). If I ever want to give her a little bonus, I can easily send her the money through the Mydoh app. No need for a piggy bank!

Parents will love the Mydoh app because it’s user-friendly and makes it easy for them to give their children an allowance.

How I plan to continue using Mydoh in the future

As Isha gets older, I’ll be able to send her money for online purchases, so that she doesn’t have to borrow my cards. I’ll also be able to send her spending money when she’s out.

Once my other kids are old enough, I’ll also be signing them up for their own Mydoh accounts. With four kids, I’m definitely going to need Mydoh to make my life easier!

How to sign up for Mydoh

The sign up process is quick and easy. Simply sign up to Mydoh via RBC Online Banking. For non-RBC clients, you’ll need government ID.

You can also click here, scan the QR code and download the Mydoh app. Parents who sign-up for a new Mydoh account using code TIDY10 from now until Dec. 31, 2022, will receive $10 in their Mydoh account.

Try the Mydoh app, I’m sure that both you and your child will love it. Mydoh helps teach kids responsibility as well as real-world money skills.

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