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5 Great Reasons Why You Should Have A Capsule Wardrobe

Donating the majority of my clothes and creating a capsule wardrobe has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I can’t even think of anything negative about having a capsule wardrobe and if it’s something you’ve been debating, stop thinking about it and do it!

I could probably list a hundred reasons why everyone should have a capsule wardrobe, but since I’m working on being minimal in most aspects of my life, I’ll do the same with this blog post and only list my top 5 reasons why.

1. Save Time

The greatest benefit of having a capsule wardrobe is that you will save a ton of time. You will love everything in your closet and everything will coordinate, so you won’t waste time trying to figure out what to wear. Anything you grab will look great! You also won’t waste time doing a ton of laundry or spend hours folding and ironing.

In this video, I shared some tips on how to look good in less time. Having a capsule wardrobe was one of the tips. Watch this video to learn what else you can do!

 2.  Look Better

No more mismatched outfits and poorly fitted clothing. You’ll only be keeping the best pieces for your wardrobe, so it’s guaranteed that it’ll all look amazing. As soon as something gets worn out or if you simply don’t love it anymore, you’ll be excited to replace it with something that you love. If you want to get an idea of what my capsule wardrobe looks like, check out my IGTV Capsule Wardrobe Series on Instagram. I've shown various outfits that I make using the basic wardrobe pieces from my closet.

3.  Save Money

Since you’ll rarely be shopping, you’ll save a lot of money. Creating a capsule wardrobe can be quite a bit of work and once you put in all of that effort to minimize, you won’t want to shop and quickly fill up your closet again. You’ll enjoy having less and as a result, you’ll shop less and save a lot of money!

4.  Save Space

I live in a small space, so I don’t have a large closet. Having a capsule wardrobe makes it a lot easier to store all of my clothes. And even if you live in a big space, it’s still nice to have a capsule wardrobe because you can lay it all out like a department store. Space out your hangers, display your shoes, bags and other accessories. This will make it easier for you to see what you own and you’ll feel good every time you step into your closet.

5.  Awareness 

You’ll soon become more aware of the environmental impact all of this consumption is having on our planet. You will learn how consumerism is affecting the people in developing countries. Lastly, you’ll start to notice all of the marketing and advertising we’re bombarded with daily and will no longer be influenced by all of it.

I know that I'll never go back to my old ways again. Having a capsule wardrobe has been life-changing for me and I highly recommend that you consider creating one for yourself. If you don't know where to start, consider joining my Clear the Clutter Membership and I will guide you through the entire process step-by-step.

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