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Mistakes I Made When I Created My Capsule Wardrobe

A few years ago I did a major purge and created a capsule wardrobe. I'm often asked if I ever regret getting rid of so many of my clothes. And the truth is, NOT AT ALL! It is one of the BEST things I've ever done! In this video, I talk about the positives of having a capsule wardrobe, so I won't get into that here.

As for the negatives, to be honest, I never experienced any. So I can't share anything negative about creating a capsule wardrobe. I guess the one downside is that when you first do it, it can be a bit overwhelming and it takes some time and effort. But once you get through the initial purge, it only gets easier.

There were some things I wish I never did when I first created my capsule wardrobe and I'm going to share those mistakes so that you can avoid making them too.


This was so time-consuming and I barely made any money. Unless you have a closet full of Versace, I would not bother trying to sell the clothes that you don't want. Save yourself some time and just donate them.


During the initial purge that I did, I was worried that I'd regret getting rid of certain items, so I put them in two large Rubbermaid bins and stored them away. This ended up being a big waste of time. I revisited the bins a few times, but never wanted to wear the items that I had put in them. Eventually, everything in those bins ended up getting donated and I realized that I shouldn't have bothered holding on to them.


I'm pretty good at not buying stuff anymore unless I need it. I also try to stick to the one in, one out rule; meaning I'll have to get rid of something if I decide to add something to my wardrobe. But occasionally, I do come across items that are on sale and make the mistake of buying them for myself or my kids. I'd say that 99% of the time I end up regretting that purchase and it just ends up being more clutter that we do NOT need.

If you're considering building a capsule wardrobe, I've created a Capsule Wardrobe Guide to help you with the process, I suggest you download that and get started!

Hopefully, I've inspired you to work towards creating your dream wardrobe. Just remember that it is a process and it won't happen overnight. It's been years and I'm still working on mine. But at least you've taken the first steps and you're now learning more about it.

All it takes is one TINY and TIDY step at a time!

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