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Top 4 Benefits of Kids Sharing A Bedroom

Is your family expanding and you’re starting to run out of space? Or have you recently moved to a smaller space and can’t give every child their own bedroom? Well, you don’t have to. It’s very easy to create a shared bedroom and there are quite a few benefits of doing so.

Benefits of Sharing a Bedroom

1. Comfort and Security

It’s more comforting, especially for younger children. They will feel a sense of security when going to bed at night if they have a sibling in the room with them.

2. Sleep Soundly

They learn to sleep more soundly even though their sibling might be making noise. As I’m typing this, my son is currently babbling and singing to himself in bed and my daughter is sound asleep. She has learned to fall asleep, even when there might be other distractions.

3. Play and Communicate

It builds a bond and encourages children to communicate with one another. We often hear our kids talking and playing with each other in their shared bedroom. They also get into fights, but we have noticed that they are learning to cooperate a lot more.

4. Learn to Share

They’re learning how to share. My daughter doesn’t love to share and being the firstborn, didn’t originally have to. Though it’s a work in progress, I do find that she is improving and they’re both getting better at sharing by having to share a bedroom.

In this video, I’ve explained how I created a shared boy and girl bedroom in our small condo. I’ve also included some handy storage solutions that will help you make the most of a small space.

If you’re planning to create a shared bedroom, enjoy the process, it’s a fun project! 

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