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How I Deal with My Anxiety

Jun 17, 2020

Anxiety is something that I have struggled with on several occasions. The worst episode was when I was in University and the doctor that I had at the time recommended that I start taking medication to help treat it. The medication didn’t really work and I just felt extremely drowsy whenever I’d take it. Over time I did finally get out of that rut and started to feel better. Since then I’ve always been very cautious whenever I start to feel anxious and will do whatever I can to fix it so that it won’t escalate.

I’ll talk about how I’m feeling with close friends and family because I find that it always helps to talk about it. I’ll also try to reduce my stress level by doing things like yoga, taking on less (it's so hard for me to do this), delegating, using essential oils and getting massages.

After I had my first baby I started to feel very anxious and immediately contacted my doctor because I didn’t want things to get out of control....

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Top 5 Kitchen Organization Tips

May 28, 2020

When we lived in a condo, we had a fairly small kitchen, so I had to be quite organized to make sure that it functioned effectively for our family.  The following are 5 tips that will help you keep your kitchen perfectly organized.

1.  Declutter

My number one tip would be to declutter. Over time we accumulate so many things in our kitchens that we never use. It’s so important that you discard food from your fridge, freezer and pantry that’s taking up valuable space but will never be consumed. Once you’ve gone through all of your food, you then need to start getting rid of all the pots, pans, utensils, dishes, gadgets dishcloths, mugs etc. that you don’t love or use regularly. I promise you, you will never miss that egg cracker. Yes, I actually bought a gadget years ago to help me crack eggs.

Now I only keep what I value in my kitchen. I did feel guilty when I started to declutter my kitchen and realized how much money I wasted on things I never use....

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5 Benefits of Building a Capsule Wardrobe for Kids

May 14, 2020

I love having a capsule wardrobe for myself and truly believe that kids should have one too. There are many benefits of having a capsule wardrobe and today I’ll be sharing why I think children should have one. First off, let me explain what a capsule wardrobe is. It’s basically a wardrobe that consists of a limited number of pieces. There is no set number, you would just choose what works for you and your family. The pieces in the wardrobe are usually neutral colours and classic styles that can easily be mixed and matched.

My husband and I started creating our capsule wardrobes in 2017 and when I saw how great it was, I slowly started to create one for my kids as well. They have a lot of clothes and often get gifts, so it is more difficult to create one for them, but I’m constantly working at it because the positives outweigh the negatives.

1. Save Time

The greatest benefit of having a capsule wardrobe is that you will save a ton of time. Since your...

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What to Do with a Baby at Home All Day

May 07, 2020

To anyone that has been on maternity leave, I don’t know about you, but I’m finding that having to stay home during this Covid-19 pandemic to be quite similar to my first maternity leave. When I had my first baby, maternity leave wasn’t what I expected it to be. I spent so many days at home with the baby and the days felt very long. It wasn’t until I got comfortable with this new lifestyle that I was able to venture out and start to enjoy being on leave.

I now have 4 children and actually enjoy maternity leave a lot more. I extended my leave with my third child, whereas, with the first two, I went back to work at the one year mark. Throughout these maternity leaves, I’ve figured out what to do with a baby so that the days don’t feel as long. I found that on the days where we went out for playdates, trips to the mall or to baby groups, the days would fly by. But now, we have to stay home, so the days definitely feel a lot longer.

I’ve figured...

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How to Prep Berries So They'll Last!

Apr 30, 2020

Whenever I post my fridge on my Instagram stories, one of the most common questions I get is, "how do you prep your berries?" Well, today I'm finally going to share all of my berry prep secrets and explain what I do so that they'll last for 1.5 - 2 weeks!

First off, you need to know that I've tried multiple things when it comes to trying to prolong the life of my berries. Washing, not washing, Rubbermaid FreshWorks containers, mason jars, paper towel, no paper towel etc. I've finally figured out a system that works well and I'm sticking to it!

1. Thoroughly wash the berries

I try to buy organic berries since they're on the dirty dozen list, but if I can't get organic, I just make sure that I wash them really well. I'll use warm water, rinse multiple times and gently rub them as I wash them.  I'll then do a final rinse with cold water. I haven't tried rinsing them with a fruit/vegetable rinse, nor have I tried using vinegar. But if you have, please let me know if your berries...

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Covid-19: 4 Great Tips to Help Pass the Time at Home

Apr 23, 2020

The past few months have been so difficult for all of us and we’ve all had to make some major adjustments to our lifestyles. I don’t know about you, but the days definitely feel a lot longer and I can’t wait for this nightmare to pass.  But until that happens, here are some tips that have been working for my family and I to help make this situation a little easier.

1. Get Help

I’m extremely lucky that my parents live nearby and they’re always willing and able to help with our kids. So we do ask for their help whenever we need it which truly is a lifesaver! If you happen to be in a similar situation and have family members that can help out, take advantage of it, it really helps alleviate stress and create a calmer environment at home.

We also decided to send our three older kids to school and daycare. I know that this doesn't work for everyone and you have to do what you're comfortable with. It is stressful sending our kids to school and daycare...

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How I Create My To-Do List in 3 Easy Steps

Feb 20, 2020

I’m obsessed with creating lists. I make them for groceries, things I need to buy and most importantly, for tasks I want to complete. The following is the step-by-step process that I follow in order to tackle all of these tasks.

Step 1: Brain Dump

I already have a million things on my mind, so I don’t want to also have to remember things like we need more milk or my daughter's dentist appointment etc. So what I do is, I have a space to dump all of these reminders and tasks. I won’t be getting into the exact details of where and how I organize all of this in this post, but it will be clearly explained in my Clear the Clutter Membership.

By doing this you will feel less stressed and have a clearer mind because you no longer have to remember all of these details. Anytime you need a reminder, you simply look wherever you created your brain dump.

Step 2: Prioritize

It’s very easy for us to gravitate towards the easier tasks first and avoid the difficult ones. And...

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5 Reasons Why It’s So Important to Declutter

Feb 13, 2020

I felt the need to write this post because on numerous occasions people have told me that they have a lot of space in their homes, so they don’t need to declutter. I, on the other hand, lived in a small condo and now live in a fairly small house, therefore it’s essential that I minimize.

It is true that there’s more of a need for me to declutter than someone with a larger home, but the benefits of decluttering apply to everyone. Whether you live in a mansion or an apartment, here are 5 reasons you should consider decluttering:

1. Your home will look better

Once you remove all of the junk cluttering up your home, it’ll look so much better. Your home will be cleaner, the air will circulate better and it won’t feel as stuffy. You can also display your most beautiful pieces of artwork, furniture and decor, making the space look a lot nicer. Even when it comes to closets, if you have more space, you can space out your hangers, display your shoes and handbags...

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My Nighttime Skincare Routine

Feb 06, 2020

I recently shared my morning skincare routine and now I'd like to share my nighttime regimen. I have combination skin, but a little more on the dryer side and it isn't very sensitive. I can go to sleep with a face full of makeup and won't breakout. But that's not a good idea and I do try to follow a morning and nighttime skincare routine to try to maintain healthy-looking skin.

As I mentioned in my morning skincare routine blog post, when it comes to products, I like to switch it up. I usually just go to Sephora, tell them what my concerns are and let them recommend products for me to try. Some of the brands I've liked using include Fresh, Clinique, Caudalie, Kiehl's, Algenist, Origins, Philosophy and AmorePacific. If you click on any of these links, it'll bring you to the specific product I liked using from these brands. Now let's get into my nighttime skincare routine.

Step 1: Face Wash

If you read my morning skincare routine post, you'll notice that it's very similar to my...

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My Morning Skincare Routine

Jan 30, 2020

I have combination skin, but a little more on the dryer side and it isn't very sensitive. I can go to sleep with a face full of makeup and won't breakout. But that's not a good idea and I do try to follow a morning and nighttime skincare routine to try to maintain healthy-looking skin.

This post is all about my morning skincare routine. I have a different post about my nighttime routine if you'd like to know more about that. When it comes to products, I like to switch it up. I usually just go to Sephora, tell them what my concerns are and let them recommend a product. Some of the brands I've liked using include Clinique, Caudalie, Kiehl's,  Philosophy and AmorePacific.

Step 1: Face Wash

The first thing I do after brushing my teeth is wash my face with face wash. 

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